Suite Antique published

On this day in 1981, John Rutter’s Suite Antique, for flute, harpsichord and strings, was published by Oxford University Press.

The Suite is made up of six movements ranging from a ‘Bach-like Aria’ to a ‘Richard Rodgers-style Waltz’.  Rutter’s own style comes forth most strongly in the final Rondeau with its characteristically forward-driving rhythms and beautiful melodic lines.  Evoking an ‘antique’ spirit, each movement is based on a Baroque or Classical style.

The instrumentation is for flute, harpsichord and strings and scores are available to hire/rent from Oxford University Press. There is also a reduction of the Suite for flute and piano – available to buy from OUP.

A recording of Suite Antique is available on the CD: Rutter Fancies – available to purchase from our web shop.


In 2011, John Rutter arranged the work for solo harp and strings and named it Suite Lyrique.  The six movements explore different moods and exploit the harp’s sound world and capabilities to the full to create a highly attractive and joyful concert work.

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