From my window

Extraordinary times, like nothing most of us have ever experienced. Oddly, as a composer I am not much affected because composers work in isolation anyway and I’m used to it (working on several long-planned pieces, actually). But I can understand how hard it must be for everyone else . . . yet we have all been learning how inspiring and uplifting music can be at times when we are cut off from our normal social contacts. Music reaches out to us all, and I hope that the playlists my team has been putting together will bring you something to lift your spirits and nourish your souls. In Britain we hold those who are caring for us in the NHS high in our hearts, we mourn with those who have lost loved ones, and (in the words of a choral song I wrote) we look to the day when the world seems new again.


Here’s a playlist to lift the spirits when you’re inside: 









Listen to Look to the day: