Choralosophy Podcast

John was recently a guest on the Choralosophy Podcast, hosted by Chris Munce. The hour-long discussion covered a whole range of topics, including choral music, John’s early years, and his inspiration and motivations as a composer.

Chris writes: “In this conversation, my goal was to give you a peak behind the curtain revealing the human side of the legend. We discussed the value of choral music to the world, his growth and maturation as a composer, and what keeps his fire lit after all these years. John Rutter could stop composing today and his legacy would be established. What keeps him going? Tune in and find out! A bonus later in the episode is a man after my heart where John brings up the toxic nature of online discourse, and the role choral music can play in healing.”

You can find the episode wherever you listen to your podcasts (here it is on Spotify), or you can watch the video conversation on YouTube.

John is a regular guest on podcasts and as part of video series around the globe. For a selection of previous interviews, visit our YouTube playlist where you’ll find videos on topics including the power of choral singing, working with amateur choirs, and the differences between solo vocal music and choral music.