Interview on BBC Radio 3

Tomorrow, 16th December 2023, John chats to Tom Service on BBC Radio 3’s Music Matters programme about Christmas and much more. Tune in to Radio 3 at 11.45am for the full broadcast or download the show on the BBC Sounds app. Below is the programme introduction from the BBC:

“Beloved by choirs and audiences all over the world, John Rutter is one of the most popular and successful choral composers of the last half-century. In particular, for many people, Rutter’s carols and carol arrangements are the sound of Christmas. The festive season would be unthinkable today without the joyful tunes of Shepherd’s Pipe Carol or Star Carol resounding in school halls, churches and concert halls.

Tom Service visits the composer at his home in rural Cambridgeshire to try to learn the secret of writing a great carol, and to chat about an illustrious career that has also included major choral works such as his Requiem and Gloria, and the large-scale Mass of the Children, written in 2003 following the sudden death of Rutter’s son Christopher at the age of 19. We also drop in on a rehearsal with the Bach Choir in London, as John prepares them for last year’s gala Christmas Celebration concert at the Royal Albert Hall.”

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