If you would like information about hiring scores and parts, please contact OUP via its global agent Boosey & Hawkes:

North America: usrental@boosey.com
Elsewhere: ukhire@boosey.com

US Rental

For any questions or queries about rental music available in North America, please contact Maggie Pate, Business Development Manager at Oxford University Press maggie.pate@oup.com, who will be glad to assist you.

Rental materials for works by John Rutter are available by submitting an enquiry via Zinfonia, which will direct your enquiry to Boosey & Hawkes, OUP’s rental agent. The service requires you to make an account, which is free of charge. If you are making a quote enquiry and do not know the full details of the hire, please give a reasonable approximation.

If you have an enquiry that cannot be submitted via Zinfonia, please contact Boosey & Hawkes via their email address, usrental@boosey.com.


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