A Ukrainian Prayer sent to 8,000 choirs and singers

The score for A Ukrainian Prayer has now been sent to over 8,000 choirs and singers around the world. A Ukrainian Prayer is a short choral piece composed by John Rutter in March 2022 in response to the global tragedy in Ukraine. It was put together at very short notice with a group of 300 people at a workshop John was leading in London. Watch the video about A Ukrainian Prayer

It has since been recorded by several choirs around the world, including this magnificent recording by Camerata Silesia in Poland: 

The score for A Ukrainian Prayer is available for free by submitting this form. You are welcome to duplicate the score for the sole use of your own choir. You may like to make a donation to a Ukrainian relief charity, perhaps equivalent to the approximate cost of the copies had you purchased them. If you wish, you are free to make an audio or video recording of the piece without a special licence to do so.

For further information about the piece, visit the original news article.

One Response to “A Ukrainian Prayer sent to 8,000 choirs and singers”

  1. Charles Sundblade

    Our choir has finally started to rehearse again. I would love to share this with our choir director.