Christmas Quiz 2022

Welcome to this year’s Christmas Quiz, Identify the Carol, which is open to anyone of all ages around the world. You will hear a short audio clip from ten of John’s Christmas carols and all you have to do is identify the carol!

Fill in this form before 20th December at midnight GMT for a chance to win a signed copy of all ten carols. Please avoid posting the answers here or on social media during the quiz as you’ll spoil the fun for everyone else.

The answers will be posted here the following week, accompanied with a playlist of all the carols. Good luck!

Question 1



Question 2



Question 3



Question 4



Question 5



Question 6



Question 7



Question 8



Question 9



Question 10




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3 Responses to “Christmas Quiz 2022”

  1. Linda King

    This is going to be fun. Denver, Colorado, USA, is looking fwd to hearing more each day.

  2. Veronica Sellars

    Do we have to know what all the music is? I do love of all your music!

  3. peter cluytens

    i truely love your jusic, I personally am adicted to sing “ Candlelight Christmass Carol”