John Rutter’s Christmas Quiz 2023

Welcome to this year’s Christmas Quiz, which is open to anyone of all ages around the world. There are nine of John’s Christmas pieces hidden within this improvisation by the talented pianist Wayne Marshall. Can you pick out all nine carols?

Fill in your answers on this quiz sheet by 11.59pm GMT on Wednesday 27th December. It’s free to enter, and answers don’t need to be in any particular order. Three winners will receive a signed CD of John Rutter: The Piano Collection (recorded by Wayne Marshall) and the piano sheet music that accompanies it. Of the people with the most correct answers, three random names will be picked out of the hat to win the prize.

The answers will be posted here after the quiz has closed, along with a playlist of all the carols. Please avoid spoiling the fun for anyone else by posting the answers online during the quiz. Good luck and we hope you enjoy this year’s Christmas Quiz!

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4 Responses to “John Rutter’s Christmas Quiz 2023”

  1. Marvella Peterman

    Love this. While I would fail the quiz, this improvisation was a delightful gift. Thank you.

    When John’s piano arrangements came out, I only bought the sheet music because I wanted to work them out on my own. Such a gift.

  2. Marcia Clement

    While he is obviously very very talented, these arrangements are not what draw me to John’s music. So many trills, arpeggios, and dissonant chords were just a distraction from the beautiful music in its original form. Will not be entering this year.

  3. Amy Jones

    I loved spotting a few favourite carols in this amazing improvisation. It was a good game of spot the influence too -Bartok, Schostakovitch and Jazz of course. Brilliant.