Christmas Quiz: The Answers

A very happy new year to you from John and all the team! We were so pleased to receive your entries for this year’s Christmas Quiz, and we hope you enjoyed picking out which Christmas pieces you could hear in Wayne Marshall’s fantastic improvisation. It was a more fiendish quiz than in previous years, so we congratulate our three winners, who have each won a signed copy of The John Rutter Christmas Piano Album and a signed CD of John Rutter: The Piano Collection: Matt B in North Carolina, Davide M in Italy and Andrew R in Washington.

If you’re curious to discover the answers, and are still puzzling over what you heard, the answers are below and we’ve made a playlist of the original pieces.

  • Star Carol (00:28)
  • Was I the Lamb? (01:30)
  • The Jolly Shepherd (02:31)
  • Suzi’s Carol (03:44)
  • All the Stars Looked Down (04:18)
  • Donkey Carol (04:56)
  • Christmas Lullaby (06:01)
  • Love Came Down at Christmas (07:13)
  • Shepherd’s Pipe Carol (08:01)

How many did you pick up on? Here’s the video again so you can rewatch with the answers in mind:

To hear Wayne Marshall playing John Rutter’s music (without improvisation!), you can stream The Piano Collection or buy the CD on Amazon, Presto Music or your preferred music retailer. And for anyone who’d enjoy learning the piano music in time for next Christmas, The John Rutter Christmas Piano Album sheet music is published by Oxford University Press and can be ordered your preferred music retailer.

Listen to the album
Order the sheet music











Thank you for joining us once again for John Rutter’s Christmas Quiz and we look forward to welcoming you back over Christmas 2024!


2 Responses to “Christmas Quiz: The Answers”

  1. Kathleen McCabe

    I did learn Star Carol and Shepherds Pipe Carol in a choir I was in and I really like them.

  2. Kristen

    Brava and Bravo Miestro Rutter! Absolutely
    Phenomenal! Love Love your Works. Two of my favorites A Donkey Carol and Shepherds Pipe Carol ! Have sung both and are Favorites!
    Thank You for sharing your impeccable , and
    Glorious music. It truly is a balm for the soul!