Christmas Quiz 2019

Welcome to my Christmas Quiz 2019. There will be a new question every day from 1-12 December across all of my social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) and here on the website. Submit your answers by using the contact form here on the website, or by direct message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Please don’t put your answer in any comments that you may post; don’t spoil the fun by revealing the answer or giving anyone else any clues.

The deadline for answers is Sunday 15th December 2019 midnight GMT. Anyone, anywhere can enter. There are five prizes to be won, of a king-size box of handmade chocolates and (for those of legal age) a bottle of finest Champagne. Good luck with the quiz and a merry Christmas!


Question 1:

Question 2:

Question 3:

Question 4:

Question 5:

Question 6:

Question 7:

Question 8:

Question 9:

Question 10:

Question 11:

Question 12:

All of the answers can be found in this blog post. Thank you for playing!

4 Responses to “Christmas Quiz 2019”

  1. Catherine McCullough

    Question on the Christmas Quiz 2019
    Should all the answers be submitted at the end or as each question is asked?
    Thank you.

  2. Russell Dostal

    How will we know if we won? Will a public announcement be posted or will we be contacted? I posted my answers on Instagram in the Direct Message area. It didn’t ask for my name or info though. Just curious.

    • Team JR

      Hi Russell
      Should you win, we will both contact you directly AND post the five winners drawn out of a hat of highest-scoring entries. We will be posting the answers this week as well. Thanks for playing!
      Team JR