The John Rutter Christmas Piano Album sheet music is out now

The John Rutter Christmas Piano Album sheet music is now available, ready for the run-up to Christmas. The album brings together eight of John Rutter’s best-loved seasonal choral pieces as piano transcriptions, arranged by John himself. The sheet music is available both as a physical volume and as a digital download. It has been published by Oxford University Press and can be ordered from many music retailers around the world including JW Pepper, Presto, Music Room, Score Store and Amazon. The digital sheet music is available from a number of sites including JW Pepper and Chimes Music.

The full tracklist is as follows:

  • A Child’s Lullaby (Christ our Emmanuel)
  • Angels’ Carol
  • Candlelight Carol
  • Nativity Carol
  • The Colours of Christmas
  • The Very Best Time of Year
  • What sweeter music
  • Mary’s Lullaby, and Epilogue (new for Christmas 2020)

John says: “For me, Christmas carols are like marker posts along the road in my life’s journey. My first published composition, written when I was just 16, was the Nativity Carol, and one of my most recent ones, Christ our Emmanuel, also a carol, was written just this year. Every one of my carols has been written sincerely and from the heart. If they have brought comfort and joy to at least some people at Christmas time, then that is the greatest reward any composer can hope for.”

The album, recorded by Wayne Marshall on Decca Records, will be available to stream across all digital platforms on Friday 20th November. In addition, there will be a CD available in the UK – the John Rutter Piano Album – featuring all eight Christmas tracks as well as the eight tracks from The Piano Collection (which came out in July 2020).

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8 Responses to “The John Rutter Christmas Piano Album sheet music is out now”

  1. Toby Thompson

    Will a CD recording be available of the piano pieces in this new collection?

    • Team JR

      Hello Toby –
      A CD of the pieces in the John Rutter Piano Album and the John Rutter Christmas Piano Album will be available in the UK on 20th November. It will also be available worldwide, digitally.

    • Team JR

      A physical CD will be available in the UK from Decca on 20th November. It’s also available digitally, worldwide, from the same date.

  2. christine tedder

    Looking forward to hearing this. Trust piano copies will be available locally.

    By mail from you? Via Muisc shops?

    Thank you.


    • Team JR

      Hello Christine – yes, the piano sheet music is available from many retailers including Amazon, Presto Sheet Music, Music Room and Score Store.

  3. Connie Alleshouse

    Dear John,
    Your music is wonderful. Please tell me how I can purchase your Christmas Album for piano. I also play flute, so if you have any carols for flute, please let me know.

    I wish you a wonderful and meaningful Christmas season.

    Connie Alleshouse

    • Team JR

      Connie – The John Rutter Christmas Piano Album is published by Oxford University Press Music, and information about where it can be purchased in your country can be found on the Oxford Music website.