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Flora gave me fairest flowers

The Cambridge Singers
John Rutter (conductor)

CD: £9.00

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CSCD 511

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John Rutter directs members of the Cambridge Singers in a programme of English Madrigals.

Track list

  1. Hark, all ye lovely saints above (Weelkes)
  2. Though Amaryllis dance in green (Byrd)
  3. Round about in a fair ring (John Bennet)
  4. Adieu, ye city-prisoning towers (Tomkins)
  5. Flora gave me fairest flowers (John Wilbye)
  6. Sweet Suffolk owl (Thomas Vautor)
  7. As Vesta was from Latmos hill descending (Weelkes)
  8. Lullaby (Byrd)
  9. This sweet and merry month of May (Byrd)
  10. Now is the month of maying (Morley)
  11. A little pretty bonny lass (Farmer)
  12. Fyer, fyer! (Morley)
  13. Too much I once lamented (Tomkins)
  14. My bonny lass she smileth (Morley)
  15. Ha ha! This world doth pass (Weelkes)
  16. Quick, quick, away, dispatch! (Michael East)
  17. Dainty fine bird (Gibbons)
  18. Come again! Sweet love doth now invite (Dowland)
  19. Mother, I will have a husband (Vautor)
  20. Draw on, sweet night (Wilbye)
  21. Sleep, fleshly birth (Robert Ramsey)
  22. Weep, weep, mine eyes (Wilbye)
  23. Death hath deprived me (Weelkes)
  24. The silver swan (Gibbons)
  25. Adieu, sweet Amaryllis (Wilbye)


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